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Crowville faculty and staff look forward to getting back to school to teach our students and into a routine. There will be many questions to begin this school year and as the year progresses. It is our goal to do the very best for our students. Please be patient as we work through issues that will arise.

Some decisions were made at the school board meeting. School will begin for faculty and staff on August 10th. The beginning of school will be delayed for students until August 24th for the safety of students and in order for to be better prepared.

The LDOE Strong Start 2020 Guidelines will determine how school will look for students at school each day. We will not function as a typical school day. Some examples will include: Students will stay static which means they will remain in one room with teachers moving to them to teach the next hour. We will be required to check temperature, wash hands and sanitize more often, 3rd-8th will wear masks, and we will have grab and go meals.

We know you will have many questions that will probably be answered with the school reopening plan. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to do the best for your child.



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